Gas Furnace Prices

Gas Furnace Models and Terminology Explained

If you’re like most other consumers, one of your primary concerns in investing in a new forced air gas furnace is the costs associated with it. Our homepage is dedicated to giving you some general information and addresses many concerns not necessarily associated with furnace prices. This page although very condensed will give you a general idea of propane furnace prices.

To begin you must understand a “furnace price” is different than an installed price. Depending upon your geographic location and installation needs this number will vary greatly. One thing I can give you is the rough price of the furnace itself. In my experience, regardless of manufacturer the prices are within a few hundred dollars for similar models.

Obviously, there are some exceptions but as a rule if the manufacturers want to remain competitive they must price their gas furnaces competitively. Finally, keep in mind that your cost and the contractors cost are two different prices. See most dealers will not sale equipment to unlicensed customers (liability reasons) There are however many suppliers that still do. If you happen to find a dealer or supplier that will sale you a new propane furnace, you must know the price you get will likely be retail. Contractors typically receive better pricing and then markup the furnace anywhere from 15% to 50%. Below I will list the contractors pricing, with this info you can measure what kind of pricing you are receiving from you source (dealer, supplier or contractor). My pricing reflects a 80,000 btu sized furnace. Your actual costs will vary based upon the many variables as mentioned above.

high efficiency furnace

Notice the plastic vent pipe and condensate drain on this high efficiency furnace.

High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

ECM Modulting Gas Furnaces – $1900

Multi Speed Modulating Gas Furnace- $1700

This is a multi speed blower without the D/C technology but still has a fully modulating gas valve.

Single Speed Modulating Gas Furnace – $1650

Two Stage 95% Efficient Furnace – $1400

Single Stage 95% Efficient Furnace – $1200

80% Gas Furnace

Notice the steel vent and lack of condensate drain on this model.

80% Gas Furnaces

80K Btu, 80% Efficient Gas Furnace – $600

Gas Furnace Definitions

Most of these terms apply to all gas furnaces, not just a propane furnace.

What is ECM? ECM is a electronically controlled motor. Essentially it is a A/C power system that converts (or inverts more appropriately) into D/C power to operate the blower at infinite speeds. The electric saving are enormous if you require continuous blower run times (for Cooling or filtration)

What is modulating? A modulating gas valve, modulates it’s gas output to an infinite level. This is quite different than the old style forced air furnaces that were either full on or full off. Imagine a car gas pedal. Would you want to operate a vehicle full on or full off? A modulating valve allows for adjustments based on demand versus a foot to the floor continuous use.

What is Two Stage?  Two stages forced air furnaces operate into stages of heating modes. The first stage can be best described and partially on, partially firing or reduced fire rate. Think of the first stage as being only 40% of the entire furnaces output. The second stage kicks the furnace onto full operation or 100% if the first stage is unable to adequately heat the space.

What is single stage? A single stage furnace is simply a furnace that operates full on or full. They are still able to achieve high efficiency, comfortable and quite operation. They are one of the cheapest furnaces you can buy that are still considered high efficiency.